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  • Safe storage of cryptocurrencies - take control of your own assets
  • 50+ main chains and 45000+ crypto assets supported - trade various assets on DEX
  • 10,000+ DApps - enjoy DeFi
Polygon Consensus 2022
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DeFi-focused Crypto Wallet

Dedicated to the DeFi market, MateMask discovers and identifies quality DeFi projects for you to explore the DeFi world with ease and peace of mind

Crypto DeFi wallet
MateMask DApp store on laptop and mobile

NFT Market

Equipped with all-platform search capability to optimize your NFT investment journey, the aggregated multi-chain NFT Market allows users to make a purchase with any token.

MateMask DApp Store

The DApp Store that you can navigate with ease in one minute

Enjoy seamless, simple and secure access to the blockchain and all decentralized applications. The DApp Store makes it easy for users to search for and use any DApps

MateMask DApp store on laptop and mobile

MateMask Provides Service to Global Users

Users from across more than 168 countries have been enjoying the safe and reliable digital asset management service provided by MateMask

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    $500+ Billion

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